Does Flexicose for Dogs Really Work?

Most people think that they can tell when their dog is in pain, but the truth is that they may be in pain much of the time and you just don’t notice. If your dog is not nearly as spry as he once was or he doesn’t jump up on the bed or the couch with as much ease, then chances are pretty good that he has pains in his legs and hips. This is very common for dogs and some breeds in particular are more susceptible than others to hip and joint pain. That is where Flexicose for Dogs can really help.

What Is Flexicose for Dogs?

This is a liquid formula that contains glucosamine and chondroitin among other natural ingredients, and is designed to help your animal with his or her joints. If he is in pain, then this formula will help to alleviate the pain, and if he is starting to experience any kind of joint problems, then this will also help to make sure that they don’t get worse.

How Does It Work?

Glucosamine has long been proven as a way to maintain joint health and provide people with mobility and flexibility and it can do the same for your dog. In fact, the interesting thing about this particular product is that Flexicose for Dogs is the same exact formula that is used in the human version of this product. So, if it is safe enough for you, it should be safe enough for your dog.

flexicose for pets ingredients

PET DOSAGE CHART* (8 fl.oz. bottle)

0.2 (< 1/4)
256 days
0.4 (< 1/2)
128 days
0.75 (3/4)
64 days
1.5 (1 1/2)
32 days

*It is suggested that you double the dose for the first two weeks of giving Flexicose®

What Are People Saying About Flexicose For Dogs?

When you read the reviews for this product, one thing that you will see is that this is both doctor and veterinarian recommended to ease joint stiffness and help your dog to move, jump, and walk around more naturally. Especially if you are dealing with an older dog or a larger dog, you need to assume that they will be in pain sometimes and this can really help them.

“I have a 6 1/2 year old giant schnauzer who has gone through the agonizing pain of a torn ACL for about 8 months. I couldn’t afford the surgery so I did my research. I was out of options so I took him back to the vet. After their recommendation of an alternative chow and a once a month injection did not work I took him off their regimen. I did more research and found Flexicose. He constantly limped when he got up from lying down, he tippy toed all the time, and could hardly climb 2 steps in the back yard. After a month I could see a difference. He stopped tippy toeing and got up from lying down much better than before. After two months he could climb up and down steps. Now he is on the third month and he plays like a pup. His limp is hardly noticeable and most times I can’t see a limp. I will continue to buy this and recommend it to anyone! I have already recommended it to two people. One of which is having success with it too.”
— J Stygar,

“My 8 year old German Pinscher had gotten arthritis so bad that she could not jump up on the couch or get into the car unassisted. Within a week on flexicose she is back to her normal self running, jumping, and just being my active “puppy” again!”
— Kara,

The other factor that makes this better than other over the counter or veterinarian prescribed medications is that it comes in a liquid form. If you have a dog that doesn’t take well to pills, then this is truly a huge benefit. You can give them their daily dose without all the hassle that is usually involved when you are giving pills.

Where Should You Buy Flexicose For Dogs?

This product is currently only sold online, but that actually works to your advantage. Because you aren’t buying it from your vet, you won’t have to buy it at an artificially inflated price. Plus, when you buy it online, you can take advantage of special deals like buy two, get one free. This is especially handy if you have more than one animal or you plan on taking it yourself, too.

The other advantage to buying this product online is that you are buying it directly from the manufacturer, which means that it is safer, plus you will get a full 90-day guarantee on it. So, if you have been disappointed by natural products before, this will allow you to buy with certainty.

Is This The Right Product For You?

Although you might think that you should wait until your dog is in pain before you start to give him anything for his joints, the opposite is actually true. When you use Flexicose for Dogs, you are giving them a product that will not only help to relieve their pain immediately, but will also serve to help build strong joints for the future. If your animal’s mobility and flexibility are important to you, then you should definitely try this unique product.

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